Wine Racist

So there is something that has been bothering me to no end during this time and season. As I sat back and began writing this I thought to myself the craze it may cause to discuss such a sensitive topic in today’s society. I told myself “Lawrence, if you do this you will probably piss some people off and lose some friends.” I decided to say the hell with it! Let’s discuss color and racism! Wine color and Wine racism.

You see, since I have been in this wine industry I’m always drawn back by statements such as:

“I ONLY drink reds!”

“I’m actually not a big white guy.”

“Sparkling wines are for women!”

“Red wine gives me headaches.”

“I’m better than a moscato”


The issue with all these statements is they are quite narrow minded in a world that is so full of variety! There are some amazing whites, reds and rose’s as well as so many variations of the type! What makes wine different you ask? The environment in which it grew up. Is there a lot of sun in that area? Are the nights cold? What is growing around them? Are they from a single vintage? How are the grapes taken care of? Did they receive a lot of water? These things all make a difference in the final product that you taste. When someone says they don’t like a particular wine I always correct them and say “No, you just haven’t found one in particular that you like.” All wine is not created equal. That means that a cabernet sauvignon grown in northern California can be totally different than one grown in the south so you can only imagine the difference a whole country makes! Different growing environments make for totally different wines. Let’s take chardonnay for instance. I don’t like buttery chardonnays so I used to automatically say “I don’t like chardonnay it’s too buttery”. One day I had this great white wine from France called a Chablis and I was in love! This wine had a great amount of acid with a complex yet full taste! Guess what Chablis is made from?? You guessed it, chardonnay.  In Chablis they have a different terroir which changes the flavor and nuances of the wine. You think all Riesling is sweet?? Obviously you’ve never had one from Alsace. You think zinfandel is only a cheap rose wine? You obviously haven’t had any thing from Lodi.

I say this all to say “All wine isn’t created equal but all wine should be given a fair chance”


Notice any similarities?


Wine and people actually have a lot in common. As a black male raised in Houston, TX I am probably different than a black male raised in France. Just as someone who grew up in a privileged household will have differences compared to someone who didn’t. At the end of the day every one of us, every shape, size, color or background is just another grape waiting to grow up and bring someone happiness. Just as we all are the same if we take our skin off so is wine. Random fact the color of wine comes from the skin but it’s all the same on the inside. So next time you judge a wine based on its color take a second and ask yourself…Am I being a wine racist?