Time to find the perfect wine…(Wait that rhymed! I sense a career change!)

First of all, cheers to my fellow wine drinkers out there new and old! I hope that your wine is served well and greatly enjoyed!

Now down to business. I’m commonly asked, “Lawrence, what’s the best wine out there?” Sometimes the question may come by text, “Lawrence, I’m at this restaurant on a date and need a quick suggestion to impress this young lady, hurry up too!”

Either way I try to help as much as possible. In the spirit of keeping it simple I have the answer for that very question “What is the best wine out there?”

Wait for it…

The answer is: It all depends on the time and the moment! Look, the great thing about wine is that there never has to be a “perfect time”. Wine is great with ANY occasion! To ask what is the best wine available would be like asking 10 people what is the best car. The answer depends on the person!

However, here are a couple questions to ask when looking for wine:

  • What’s the moment? Whenever it comes to celebrations for instance I think bubbles!
  • How’s the weather? Traditionally crisp white or roses’ are more warm summer weather and heavy reds more cool winter. (Like I said this is traditionally it’s really up to you!)
  • Are  you drinking it with something? I usually do a Port with cigars, Dessert wine with dessert and food pairing is coming soon in another post…lol (I’ll be dispelling the myth of only drinking white with chicken/fish and red with red meat. Stay tuned)
  • Are you looking to impress someone?
    • This one gets its own bullet point. DON’T FOCUS ON PRICE! If a person is a  wine drinker there’s nothing wrong with asking what type or varietals of wine they like. There’s nothing worst than buying someone who hates Merlot that $60 bottle that sits there. Worst yet, buying someone who only drinks white wine a $100 cabernet. Do yourself a favor and just ask!
    • Never buy based on price!!! Price DOES NOT = quality!
  • Are you drinking just for a drunk fest? In that case I recommend traditional liquor, it’s a lot cheaper and will stretch longer. Go grab a 4 horsemen at your local bar, hand over your keys, cell phone, and call me in the morning lol.

At the end of the day as I always say try different wines! I love a good Zinfandel, on a hot sunny day on the beach I may prefer a nice crisp pinot gris or riesling. At dinner I may have a nice Cabernet Sauvignon or even a chardonnay. The best thing is to try different wines and pair them with the moment. We all have different taste palates, which means different wines. Just because I may like to eat broccoli dipped in honey doesn’t mean you have to! You don’t just eat one type of food all day do you? All that being said, don’t get hung up on trying to find the perfect wine, wine makes every moment perfect…Cheers!

Wine Ya Later,


P.S. Don’t forget to check out the next issue on the first Wine Wednesday in June!

Life’s too short to be a wine racist…

I was at a wine bar the other day and heard that famous line: “I don’t like chardonnay cause its too oaky tasting!” can’t forget the classic “I don’t drink red wine because its all dry!”

Comments like that are the reason I’m here so kick your feet up and let’s get down to the wine! When I was a newbie to wine I thought the EXACT SAME THING! All reds are dry, all chardonnay is buttery and everything that sparkles is champagne. Luckily there was someone there to help me like I want to do for you!

Have you ever met someone who looked the same as you but acted different? Maybe he or she was from a different state and sounded different or was from a different country and acted different? Ok, how about this: If you meet somebody your same color with similar characteristics that lives on a totally different continent are you going to be the same? I doubt it! Wine is just like that. We’re all people, but because of our different ways of growing up we can have the same blood but act different.

The same thing happens with wine, a merlot can differ from city to city. The same grape can taste TOTALLY different if it’s grown in a different climate under different stresses. Grapes flavor profiles are greatly affected by where and how they are grown. Did the grower have a lot of rain that year? Use oak? Oak chips? Stainless steel? American barrels? French barrels? All these things and more go into what makes a wine unique just like a person! Were you born in Texas? Austrailia? Is it cold where you are from or were you born where it’s hot? At the end of the day just like we’re humans with different stories so are grapes. Think about that next time you mark off a whole family of wine based on color or type. Please don’t be a wine racist.

Wine Ya Later!



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